Photo by Saverio Truglia

Thanks for visiting my site.  As you can see from the photo above, I’ve gotten some pretty big news this year.  For me, a school librarian, this award is like the Super Bowl, the World Series and I don’t know, the Olympic Medal for Shelving and Weeding all mixed together.  In other words, it’s monumental for me.  I’m honored, humbled and excited by the opportunities, connections, and collaborations that will develop from this.

For years I blogged as A Zen Librarian.  In keeping with the ebb and flow of life (and the nefarious practices of a hacker) I’ve decided to return to my roots.  My new site is just me:  Here you’ll be able to follow the work I have the amazing good fortune to do with students, teachers, parents, community members and colleagues around the world.  

I am a Teacher-Maker-Librarian at the Hubbard Woods School in Winnetka, IL. The community helped develop, as part of our school library a makerspace we call The IDEA Lab.  We like to think that these initials roughly represent some of our core tenets: Innovation/Design/Engineering and Art.  

We believe that STEAM education is the blending of all disciplines in a seamless and celebratory way. My passion is the awakening of curiosity in learners of all ages.  Our team works hard to maintain a balance of books and bytes.  I hope that you enjoy the blog and the site as it continues to grow and improve each day.  If  you have a question or want to connect, please drop me a line. Peace.