Did you know you can buy a wife from any country? You may not hear about it here and there, but literally, anyone with a fine income can spoil himself and buy not a decent auto but a gorgeous woman from overseas.

Don’t be suspicious, you’re not buying a female literally. The main fact we want to put in your head is that you have the possibility to buy a mail order bride according to your requests! We’re going to answer all your questions consistently, so sit tight and scroll down.

What are mail order brides and is it legal?

Who is mail order bride? Why do women become mail order brides? Every girl has her own reason to do so. Sometimes she is curious, sometimes, her reasons are quite dreadful to hear. There are two main “types” of reasons.


She wants to leave her life behind

This type of girl is the most common to meet. Women from Arab countries, some Latinos, and most Slavs are looking for a legal and proven way to go abroad and settle down there. These countries are struggling with poverty and a lack of opportunities.

She loves the USA

Some girls, like European and Asian ones, are fond of American guys. They imagine American guys as tall, big, and strong, with high moral standards and ambitions. Curious females looking to diversify their lives and add themselves to the mail order brides list.

Who needs a mail order wife?

Let’s be honest, not every man would think to resort to mail order bride services. Why would a soul decide to do so? You’ll be surprised at how many people marrying foreign girls are found on such platforms. What are the types of men who resort to these services?

Those who abandoned local women

Usually between the ages of 27 and 40. Some males express their desire to buy a wife from another culture by ridiculing local women. Too feministic, too harsh, fat, or underweight—these men are completely dissatisfied with the women in their nations.

Women find him unattractive

Some men aged 25 to 45 already give up on any chance to find love, relying on their personal status to meet a wife. Anything might be a reason: excess weight, an unpleasant look, unusual character features, or being unappealing to girls in his region.

Too elderly to have a relationship

Guys over the age of 35 are already too old for gorgeous women. This problem is generally readily remedied for them through online dating—women from Asia prefer senior men over younger males.

Where can you meet a real mail order girl?


It’s a simple procedure, and you don’t need to be a member of some VIP club to do so. Actually, anyone can obtain a mail order bride. To do so, you have to pick a decent dating platform geared towards mail order brides. Such platforms can find a match right for you, arrange a date or send a bouquet on your behalf to the lady.

We recommend trying these websites to meet and buy a mail order bride from any country on Earth smoothly and entirely safe.

  • EasternHoneys—Excellent for Asian, Arab, and Eastern ladies.
  • LoveFort—The most famous dating platform in Latin America, well-known for the high caliber of its profiles.
  • BravoDate is the best site for long-term relationships with older women. Find a female from any location on the planet.
  • TheLuckyDate—A reasonably priced website for looking for European and Slavic females that want to travel.
  • LaDate—Another excellent and secure site for meeting the sexiest Latin brides.

Why it’s a good idea to buy a foreign woman?

To buy a mail order bride may initially seem repulsive. Some of the possible disadvantages have already appeared in your mind: it’s too volatile, it’s too expensive! You think so because you’ve never considered any advantages. Let us tell you how you benefit from marrying a foreign woman.

They’re more of a traditional standpoint

Women from the East are all about building families, being proper wives, and having fun. No prejudice, hypocrisy, or career ambition will hinder the happiness of your union. While they prefer to be obedient to their husbands and remain good domestic wives, many of them would love to contribute to the budget and open their own businesses.


Feminism is not as widespread in Eurasia as it is in the US. Women sincerely want to marry a strong man and be tiny next to him, pleasing him with their beauty and femininity. Moreover, in Eurasia, caring about domestic deeds and preparing food for the husband is called “love” rather than “slavery” or “humiliation.”

They’re exotic

Perhaps you were always keen on Asian girls? Imagine marrying one. An almond-eyed girl with a sweet voice and a lean body, all yours. This is a great benefit of using mail order services.

Why should you be vigilant when buying a bride overseas?

However, not everything is as cloudless in this industry as it should be. Some women are looking for money, and some websites are not even real! Here is what you should pay attention to when choosing a dating website.

  • Too poor design. Scamming websites won’t care much about good navigation, rational button placement, and, of course, detailed profiles.
  • All women are too perfect. All the pictures you see are professional. You can use Google Photos to check out where it came from.
  • Girls are not eager to chat by video. A scammer won’t let you see who you’re lovely chatting with in reality.
  • You were asked for material help. Scammers would ask you directly to give some money.
  • Customer support vanished into the air. If the website seems suspicious to you, you can try to reach them. If you haven’t received any replies in two hours, most likely, you’re enjoying the rigged source.

How much does it cost to marry a foreign beauty?

How much to buy a mail order bride? You should be ready to pay a significant sum for your happiness. Let’s say some countries are cheaper, some are damn expensive! Let us give you an idea.

  • Ukraine — $4,000.
  • Poland — $5,500.
  • Albania — $3,800
  • Brasil — $7,800
  • Russia — $15,000

What a man pays for?

To buy a wife you’ll have to cover a few significant expenses. We’ve prepared specific information for you to grasp the process more clearly.


The cost of a mail order wife, particularly if she comes from a more underdeveloped country, may begin at $4,000. You’ll be unable to save money on a marriage ceremony in some countries, like Arab, Asian, or Slavic (not all of them). These are the costs and rates you’re likely to encounter.

Fees for dating websites

You pay for conversation, gallery viewing, and small extras like stickers and attachments. Prepare to give between $200 and $400 every month.

Your big trip to meet your woman

We assume you’ll both agree that your trip to Iraq will be unpleasant, so you’ll pay for your Iraqi bride’s ticket, lodging (she won’t be thrilled to stay with you on the first date), and transportation. Then you’ll go to restaurants, go on dates, go shopping, and so on. Typically, it’ll cost you roughly $1,400.

Marriage and expenses related to it

A marriage will cost at least $2,400 or all of the $15,000 if you’ll dare to marry a Russian girl. You can sign the sponsorship agreement and bring her to your nation as a citizen when she becomes your lawful wife.

Non-immigrant visas (K-1 visa)

$1,300 for a K-1 visa that will allow your Iraqi wife to be designated a non-immigrant and enjoy all of your privileges as a citizen.

For mail order brides, the whole cost is around $4,000-$20,000.

What’s economically rational: regular or mail order wife?

We’ve counted, and we have an answer. It turns out that buying a bride abroad will cost you less than meeting an offline girl!

The reason is quite simple: a girl from the dating website is interested in building a relationship with you already, while a simple girl needs to be conquered and impressed. The more time you’ll need to marry her, the more money you’ll pay to please her.