WGST: The World’s Greatest Student Television (What’s New?)


We are well into our second crew and we’ve made some tiny changes behind the scenes.  Our ambitious idea that we would have students fill the roles of student director and producer has been pushed back a bit.  We decided that we would let one full class rotation take place so that the students would have a stronger sense of how the roles work.


We have all enjoyed the new process.  The kids have settled into an easy routine of getting to work right away in the newsroom.  The two anchors head into the studio to run through a practice while the rest of the crew researches and prepares for the broadcast.    The meteorologist records the weather in front of our now ‘semi-permanent’ green screen.  We use Do Ink to put an interesting weather themed background behind them.  That gets exported to Google Drive and then is finally merged with the recording of the whole show. Everyone’s favorite part of the show is the ‘dance party’ at the end.  Just pick an episode and you’ll see the kid’s pure joy as the credits roll.

There are always areas to improve; most notably the lighting in the studio.  We have ordered replacement bulbs for the key light bulbs.  Once those arrive and we get them installed, the color should be more consistent.  The cameras also are not set to the consistent white balance.  However, the stories and talent are awesome!  That is truly all that matters.

Stay tuned for further updates.  Be sure to check out a Wednesday morning show.  One of my favorites was when ML and her partner rapped a fantastic poem by Kristy Duncan Dempsey: Stop: Let’s READ!

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