Happy Book Birthday Mac Barnett!

Hubbard Woods School was honored to have Mac Barnett visit on a very special day; the day his book was released!  Mac was awesome!  His new book, The Magic Word was mesmerizing to our students.  Do you know what the magic word is?  Well, you better ask your child, but watch out, it is magic!



screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-7-33-49-pmWhat would a book birthday be without singing happy birthday to the book.  As nobody else could, Mac lead us through a very long and convoluted rendition of Happy Birthday to his book!





Mac was funny, silly and yet found a way to share the process that goes into making a book.  In fact, he drew us a diagram of the process of making a book.



It began with him drawing a map of the United States from space.  He showed us where he lived in CA and where his editor lived in NY.  After crisscrossing the country multiple times via edits, the book went on to multiple other folks involved in the process including being printed in China!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What impressed me most about Mac’s visit was the careful reading and dissection he gave for one of my favorite books from last year: Sam and Dave Dig a Hole.  He co-wrote this book with its illustrator John Klassen.  I had noticed the images, but Mac really helped us all see some hidden parts of the book that honestly I missed; even after reading it a dozen times out loud to students!


We are so grateful to The Book Stall at Chestnut Court for bringing Mac to us.  We truly are blessed to have such high-caliber authors and illustrators visit us at Hubbard Woods! I can honestly say it will be tough to top this particular visit!


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