The Cardboard Challenge 2016 Was a Huge Success!

Hubbard Woods hosted our second annual Cardboard Challenge yesterday.  It was a huge success!  Over 40 families participated and built everything from a giant Tie Fighter  from Star Wars to some pretty amazing robot costumes.  It was a terrific celebration of creativity and cooperation.  Our local event was a part of the Global Cardboard Challenge sponsored by the Imagination Foundation.
I saw a lot more use of the amazing tool MakeDo this year; I’m sure that is because we took time last week to experiment with it in the Libratory.  Kids had chances to make things with the tools and that lead to even more unique and creative creations.  If your child made something and brought it home, here’s what we told them about the blue rivets.  If they keep their creation forever, then they are free to keep the rivets.  However, if they take their creation apart, please return the rivets so we can reuse them!
Thanks to everyone who came out to play, we had more than 40 families join us! Thanks also to Sarah Graham, Denise Matthews- Smith, Angela Mak and Todd Burleson, for planning and coordinating this event for Hubbard Woods. And thank you to their volunteers, Sarah Ko, Michael Collins, Sarah Donaldson, Nat Roberts, Nidhi Singh, Maggie Beitler and Effie Karavites and several others I apologize for leaving off this list of huge thank yous!

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2 thoughts on “The Cardboard Challenge 2016 Was a Huge Success!

    1. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Interesting question. I think the parents who are ‘overbearing’ are going to ‘take over’ no matter… it wasn’t much of an issue in my opinion. Everyone worked together and had tons of fun.


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