Mr. Burleson Goes to Washington Part Two: SLJ Day One

The first day of the Summit was fast and furious.  Panels and speakers and focus groups filled my mind with ideas, questions and excitement.  All of these were focused on leading toward greater advocacy and empowerment of librarians at all levels.  I can boil down the day with one quote:


After a brief nap, I was ready for the afternoon/evening.  There was a rooftop gathering where I was able to meet up with and finally get a photo of the two finalists for SLJ SLOTY and myself.  These two women, Laura Gardner and Annita Cellucci, knew each other from their library association and were two of the coolest people I’ve ever met!  They each are doing amazing work in their spaces.  It’s an honor to share the SLJ SLOTY with them!  I hope we can collaborate in the future.


I was able to meet for dinner with my college roommate and then was off on a moonlit tour of Washington, DC on an Old Town Trolley.


The air was crisp and cool, the moon was bright and the monuments were mesmerizing.  Here are just a few of my ‘impressions’ of DC.  I figured that the phone images were pretty ‘blown out’ so I would ‘make lemonade out of the lemons!’

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s a wrap on part two.

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