Picture Book Month: Week One

Picture Books Are Like Windows and Mirrors

We kicked off Picture Book Month this week. I invited our principal, vice principal and literacy facilitator to record one of four picture books for our students. The four books we chose tied into our SEL school improvement goal as well.

We began by talking about why we would explore picture books in 5th and 6th grade. Students shared that picture books teach rich vocabulary, awareness and observation, themes and morals all in a 32 page package. It warmed my heart to see how easily they warmed to the idea of celebrating picture books all month long. After briefly introducing the concept of books as windows and mirrors, I had two authors give the students a little more background.

Next, I explained how the stations would work. Students would choose a book, scan the QR Code and then enjoy having the books read aloud to them. When they finished, they would complete one of the two forms as a response.

In our 30 minute period, many students had time to listen to more than one book. Some completed more than one. We wrapped up our session by sharing some of our thoughts on the books.

I was blown away by some of the students reflections. Here are just a few of them:

All in all, the week was a huge success! I was able to have every class in the building cycle through the resource center and take part. There was positive and encouraging feedback from students and teachers alike. I’m excited to roll out week two where we’ll look at how picture books can help us explore the author’s purpose.

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