NCCE 2019 Here I Come!

It’s finally here! I’ll be leaving later today to attend my first NCCE conference with my colleagues on the west coast. I am incredibly honored and excited to have this opportunity. It will be a very busy, but rewarding week.

Teacher Librarian Summit!

The Teacher Librarian Summit begins on Tuesday morning. I have the honor of giving the keynote. I’ve been working for many months to craft a message that I hope is both inspiring and challenging. The title of my keynote is, “Becoming Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.”

Here is just one slide from the presentation that might give you an idea of where some discomfort might arise:

School Librarians in Full-Time Equivalents 1999-200 to 2015-2016

And here is a slide that hopefully will encourage and set the stage for a better data set!

Teacher Librarian Panel

I’m excited to be part of a panel of four librarians I admire and am inspired by Morgen Larsen, Shannon Miller, Mark Ray, and Craig Seasholes. We’ll be talking about the challenges and solutions of being teacher librarians today!

Transform Your School Library

I’ll be co-presenting a session on Transforming Your School Library with Morgen Larsen. We will be looking at three major areas that tend to trip us up in the process of transforming our spaces: our physical collection, our digital collection and the role of making in our libraries. I’m anticipating some rich conversation and collaboration as we delve into solution making and sharing what works for us in our spaces!

Green Screen Awesomeness!

I’ll be leading one of the breakout sessions during the Teacher Librarian Summit. I’ll be exploring how you can use green screen in any subject or grade level to help your students visualize their creativity!

Frame by Frame: A Collaborative Student Voice Film Festival

I will be co-presenting on Wednesday for the first time with Shannon Miller. We’ll be sharing hor we both have used stop-motion filmmaking with our students to help them share their voice and creativity. We’ll have participants making their own films and brainstorming about how we might integrate filmmaking into our libraries.

I’m doing a book signing!

If you just can’t get enough #greenscreenawesomeness in my session, come on by the Mackin booth on Wednesday from 3:30-4:00 pm. I’ll be signing the book and you can buy it at an incredible price! Woo Hoo!

Collaboration! The Librarian’s Greatest Superpower!

I will be co-presenting a second time with Shannon Miller on Thursday. We’ll be talking about how we have collaborated with colleagues both near and far. This session is going to be one that has all of us taking copious notes and bookmarking like crazy! I can’t wait!

Hey Mom, look it’s me!

This is going to be an amazing week! I cannot wait to learn from this lineup and my new colleagues on the west coast. Next stop: Seattle!