Cross Post: March Book Madness Picture Book Bracket 2019

We are very eager to start our first ‘official’ March Book Madness participation. We had done it once before, but it was informal and done in house. We are especially proud because this year features books about the ‘character’s journey’ and is supported by the We Need Diverse Books Campaign. To read more, click HERE.

In the words of Matt de la Pena, “It doesn’t matter if you are African American, Asian, disabled, part of the LGBTQ community, we all need to see ourselves in books, because if we don’t see ourselves in books we may not feel as connected to the human experience.  The story of all of us.  At the same time, books are more than mirrors.  They are also windows.  I’ve always believed that reading is the ultimate form of empathy.  Yes, we’d love to find ourselves in books and read about ourselves and our own experiences, but it’s also important to read about people that aren’t like us.  It’s only then that we will have a full understanding of the world around us.”